stainless steel water supply line(13A-022-34FH34FH)

Part No. #13A-022-34FH34FH
304 Stainless steel braided washing machine connectors- Brass nut 


3/4" F.H. x 3/4" F.H. (female hose thread)

Available lengths  

10" - 60" (common sizes: 16", 20", 24")


Connect washing machine to washing machine valve

washing machine valve - are sheng

Washing machine - 3/4"F.H. (outlet)

Washing machine valve - 3/4"F.H. (inlet)


Supplying water to washing machine


- Wire: braided with stainless steel 304 wire (5 strings for a wire)

stainless steel wires

- Nut:
3/4"F.H. brass nut with brass insert

washing machine connector brass nut

- Inner tube:

(A) White PVC tube with coated nylon fiber

for extra protection (more durable)
*Non-toxic PVC core coated with
multi-filament braided nylon
with outer clear vinyl shell

(B) Clear PVC tube

drawing of PVC inner tube for washing machine supply line


Item No. Outlet x Inlet x Length Package Carton
13A-022-34FH34FH12 3/4"FH x 3/4"FH x 12” Bulk 200pcs/0.8cufts
13A-022-34FH34FH16 3/4"FH x 3/4"FH x 16” Bulk 100pcs/0.9cufts
13A-022-34FH34FH20 3/4"FH x 3/4"FH x 20” Bulk 200pcs/1.5cufts
13A-022-34FH34FH24 3/4"FH x 3/4"FH x 24” Bulk 100pcs/1.1cufts
13A-022-34FH34FH36 3/4"FH x 3/4"FH x 36” Bulk 100pcs/1.64cufts
MOQ: 200PCS/ each size
*Should be ordered in full cartons

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