What you should know before placing an international order- Are Sheng
Order Policy:

What you should know before placing an international order?

Since Are Sheng is a professional manufacturer and exporting company, there are some important things that customers might take a note when placing an order.

- MOQ (Minimum order quantity)

MOQ is indicated on each product page.

Specification For each item, we need to purchase a certain amount of material. Besides, before manufacturing each part, we need to set up the molds and test, which is time consuming. Therefore, there is MOQ for each item, please check the MOQ at the bottom of each product or send the inquiry to check with us.

- MOA (Minimum order amount)

You can mix various items to meet the MOA.

Air order: Meet the MOQ and full carton request. The air freight/ courier charge will be needed.

Sea order:
For FOB term, the MOA is US$6,000 – 8,000 (depends on the destination port)
For CIF term, the MOA is US$8,000 – 10,000 (depends on the destination port)

Specification Customers can place air or sea order which depends on how long you need the goods and the total volume of your order.

If the total volume is under 1CBM, you can consider to ship by air or express. Kindly note that for orders under 1CBM, the forwarder/ shipping company will charge for 1CBM.

If the total volume of your order is over 1CBM, it’s better to ship by sea which can save more freight charge. But you might need to note the voyage of the shipment. Usually, it will take 30-45 days to US area.

- Lead time:

In normal situation, the lead time will take about 45 days.

Specification To save the space of our warehouse, the products in stocks remain unassembled. Once the order is confirmed, we will arrange to assemble the products and pack the goods. Therefore, for items which are in stock, it will take 1-2 weeks to complete the order.

Besides, for the first order of the customized products, the lead time will take 50-70 days since we need to check and examine each step carefully.