How do rebuild a Price Pfister 3 handle shower valve?
How do rebuild a Price Pfister 3 handle shower valve?

Let’s start!

Here is a drawing of all parts of the Pfister Verve handle shower trim kits. You can find the name of each part in this drawing. The parts are drawn in sequence. This is how they are installed.
Pfister verve hadnle -Installation Instruction -Are Sheng
Step 1. Turn off the water supply to your shower valve.

Step 2. Use a part of knife or something flat or maybe a flat-head screwdriver to take the index button off. Be careful not to hurt your finger.
Rebuild Pfister 3 handle shower valve 2

Step 3. Once removing the index button, you can see a Phillips head screw. Grab a cross-screwdriver and screw it off.
Rebuild Pfister 3 handle shower valve 3

Step 4. Move the handle off by hand.

Rebuild Pfister 3 handle shower valve 4
* The handle might stick on the stem firmly due to the rust or water stain. In this situation, you’d better to use a towel as a pad under the edge of the handle when removing it to avoid getting hurt.

Step 5. Then, just screw off the escutcheon by hand.
Rebuild Pfister 3 handle shower valve 5

Step 6. Next, grab yourself a socket wrench, and push it through the stem.

Usually, the socket wrench comes with a lever handle. Put the lever handle through the wrench and turn it to remove the stem.

Rebuild Pfister 3 handle shower valve 6
* Or you can just use a wrench, but sometimes there is not enough space to use a wrench. So a socket wrench is really useful.

* Don’t forget to take the bonnet washer off. It’s gonna have problem if you put two bonnet washers on the valve body.

* Here you will find a worn out rubber washer beneath the stem. The surface is not flat at all. Since this is where the seal happens, if the washer is worn out, it leaks.

Step 7. What you need to do next is to look at the condition of the seat.

The seat is deep inside the valve body. If the face of the seat is corroded, it’s necessary to replace it. This is important because the bonnet washer and the seat make the seal.
Rebuild Pfister shower valve 06
You can see a new seat here. The face is clean and super smooth. If the seat is etched, remove it with a seat wrench.
Smooth face faucet seat-Are Sheng

Step 8. Take a new seat and apply some thread sealant on the thread of the seat and screw it back to the valve body. *Better with the help of a seat wrench.
Rebuild Pfister shower valve 08

Step 9. Take a new stem. Make sure that the bonnet washer is put under the stem. Screw on the stem. Better to turn with a socket wrench firmly, but don’t over-do it.
Rebuild Pfister shower valve 09

Step 10. Screw the nipple on the packing of the stem. The nipple is to keep the escutcheon in the position.
Rebuild Pfister shower valve 06

Step 11. Screw on the escutcheon. Just like how it was installed previously.

Step 12. Slide the handle on the spline/broach of the stem.

Step 13. Grab a screwdriver to screw the Phillips head screw on the handle. Now the handle is tightened on the stem.

Step 14. Last, push the index button on the handle.

All is done! Now turn on the water supply to make sure the leaking problem is solved!

How to install the dishwasher air gap on my kitchen sink?

How to install the dishwasher air gap on your sink?

The funciton of a dishwasher air gap is to prevent the contaminants in the sink from flowing into the dishwasher and to prevent the back flow from the drain hose to your dishwasher

But how to install the air gap? Here are some tips for you to install the dishwasher air gap easily. 

When you get the dishwasher air gap from the hardware store or plumbing stoer, this is what it contains. Disassemble each part and you will get as bleow. (Usually, only one decorative cap). 

Dishwasher air gap

Here is a drawing to show the sequence of installation. 
Sequence of installing dishwasher air gap

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Preparation

1. Remove the kits from the air gap, including decorative cap (A), top cover nut (B), top retainer nut (C), and the counter gasket (D) while remain the bottom retainer nut (E) on the air gap.

2. Adjust the bottom retainer nut (E) for sink thickness.

Parts of dishwasher air gap

Step 2: Install the kits

3. Install the air gap through the hole in your sink.

4. Place the counter gasket (D) into the air gap stem on the counter top.

5. Then, screw the top retainer nut (C) into the air gap stem above the counter gasket (D).

6. Hand-tighten the bottom retainer nut until all these kits are tight.

7. Connect the 5/8” inlet drain hose (F) to the dishwasher pump line.

8. Connect the 7/8” outlet drain hose (G) to either your garbage disposal or waste line.
Where is the air gap on your kitchen sink?

Step 3: Finishing up

9. Secure the hose ends with hose clamps.

10. Screw on the top cover nut (B) and press on the decorative cap (A) on the top of the air gap.

Hose clamp

For the product specification of this dishwasher air gap, please link to the product page here. 

For any further product information, send me the inquiry at amer@aresheng.com.tw 
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How do I know if a strainer can fit my drain? All details.
Introduction of sink strainer

If you are tired of calling the plumber again, here I’d like to recommend this popular DUO DEEP CUP STRAINER to you.

As you can see in the central picture above, this strainer comes with all the necessary assembly parts. You might need to take some steps to install it, but it will be worth doing this.

> Where to buy a deep cup sink strainer and what to notice?
> Why some strainer are 3.5 inch and some say 4.5 inch?
> What are the sizes of duo deep cup strainer?
> What’s the material of each part of sink strainer?
> How do I know if the strainer can fit my drain?
> How to clean a kitchen sink strainer basket?
> What’s the name of each part in a sink strainer?
> How to install a duo cup sink strainer on my sink?

Where to buy a duo deep cup strainer? 

You can easily purchase the Duo Deep Cup Sink Strainer in any hardware store, local plumbing store or DIY chain store such as Home Depot, Lowes, Walmart, or directly order it at Amazon.

How do I know if the strainer can fit my drain?

Don’t worry whether the strainer can fit your sink drain or not. The standard drain opening size is 3-1/2”, and some are 4”. This deep cup strainer can cover from 3-1/2” to 4” drain openings. If you are still concerned about the size, measure the diameter of your sink drain opening like below.

> What are the common sink strainer models?

Why some strainer are 3.5 inch and some say 4.5 inch?

Sometimes, the product descriptions on the package or website are so confusing. It is saying that most sinks have a 3.5 inch – 4 inch diameter drain opening. But why the description of some strainers is 4.5 inch?

Actually, 3.5 inch and 4.5 inch are for the same product, but indicating different parts. Please check the drawing below. The size 4-1/2” is the top diameter of the strainer. However, the 3-1/2” means that this product is to fit the 3-1/2” opening on your sink. The part (B) will be put through your sink. The dimension is 3-5/16”, so that it can be put into a 3-1/2” hole on your sink.

What are the sizes of duo deep cup strainer?

In the drawing below, you can check the dimension of each part of this deep cup strainer (Model #D78-005).

It has a 4-1/2” top diameter, and the body of the interior cup, which will go through the 3-1/2” sink hole, is 3-5/16” (about 84mm) in diamter. The thickness is usually 0.6 to 0.7mm, and the assembly total height is about 3-7/8” (99mm). The height of the interior cup is 1-15/16” (about 48.5mm). The threaded shank is 1-3/4” (44mm). The unit weight is about 348g.

Part Dimension (Inch) Dimension (mm)
Body cup top OD 4-1/2” 114mm
Body diameter 3-5/16” 84mm
Body cup depth 1-15/16” 48.5mm
Body cup thickness 22gauge 0.6mm
Threaded shank length 1-3/4” 44mm
Connection tube thread 1-1/2”NPSM 1-1/2”NPSM
Total height 3-7/8” 99mm
Maximum sink thickness 19/32” 15mm
Unit weight 348g 348g

> What’s the material of each part of sink strainer?
> What’s the name of each part in a sink strainer?

How to install a duo cup sink strainer on my sink?

How to start business with Are Sheng?

1 Inquiry
Please refer to our website / catalogue/ brochure/ DM and advise the item number for the products you want. Also, please let us know your estimated order quantity at the same time. If you have any special requirement, for example, lead free/ certificate/ surface treatment/ blister card/color box…, please advise too, so that we can quote a precise and better price to you. Thank you.

2 Quotation
After receiving your inquiry, Are Sheng will reply in two working days and will provide the quotation in 3-5 working days. *If you do not receive our reply in 2 days, please send the mail via amer@aresheng.com.tw again.*

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Our quotation will include package our item number/ product description/package/ MOQ (usually a few full cartons)/ Unit price/ trade term, etc. If you need any other information, please let us know. Thank you.


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*For new customers, there might have some sample charges before the first order.*

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After the order is confirmed, please arrange the down payment to the appointed bank account.

*If you have the payment schedule, please let us know first, so that we can ask our accountant to note it.*

7 Production
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8 Quality control (QC)
Our products are under serious quality inspection before shipment. Depending on different products, there are different tests. We have water test, air test, salt spray test, and have various gauges to make sure that the sizes are correct and in tolerance.


9 Shipment
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If you use FOB term, please ask your forwarder to contact with us ( at least 2 weeks before the estimated shipping date). Thank you.

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13 After-service
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What you should know before placing an international order- Are Sheng
Order Policy:

What you should know before placing an international order?

Since Are Sheng is a professional manufacturer and exporting company, there are some important things that customers might take a note when placing an order.

- MOQ (Minimum order quantity)

MOQ is indicated on each product page.

Specification For each item, we need to purchase a certain amount of material. Besides, before manufacturing each part, we need to set up the molds and test, which is time consuming. Therefore, there is MOQ for each item, please check the MOQ at the bottom of each product or send the inquiry to check with us.

- MOA (Minimum order amount)

You can mix various items to meet the MOA.

Air order: Meet the MOQ and full carton request. The air freight/ courier charge will be needed.

Sea order:
For FOB term, the MOA is US$6,000 – 8,000 (depends on the destination port)
For CIF term, the MOA is US$8,000 – 10,000 (depends on the destination port)

Specification Customers can place air or sea order which depends on how long you need the goods and the total volume of your order.

If the total volume is under 1CBM, you can consider to ship by air or express. Kindly note that for orders under 1CBM, the forwarder/ shipping company will charge for 1CBM.

If the total volume of your order is over 1CBM, it’s better to ship by sea which can save more freight charge. But you might need to note the voyage of the shipment. Usually, it will take 30-45 days to US area.

- Lead time:

In normal situation, the lead time will take about 45 days.

Specification To save the space of our warehouse, the products in stocks remain unassembled. Once the order is confirmed, we will arrange to assemble the products and pack the goods. Therefore, for items which are in stock, it will take 1-2 weeks to complete the order.

Besides, for the first order of the customized products, the lead time will take 50-70 days since we need to check and examine each step carefully.