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Model No. 07A-016
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This 3 handle shower replacement trim kits is to replace your leaking Pfister tub and shower valve. We provide a complete set including 3 verve handles, 3 stems, 3 flanged escutcheon, 3 nipples, and 3 seats. You can find the complete set picture in the description column. 

The construction and thickness of our products are well-designed to guarantee a long-term usage for years. 
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Product name: Fits Pfister verve 3 handle shower trim kits

Application: To rebuild Pfister tub and shower valve

Function: Replace the old stem which causes leaking problem

Content: 3 handles, 3 stems, 3 escutcheons, 3 nipples, 3 brass seats

Finish: Chrome
Pfister verve 3 handle trim kits -S10-230 -07A-016
Shining and smooth mirror like chrome finish
*no scratch, bumps, dens or any other damage

Price Pfister verve shower handle series

Fine thread condition
*Maximum metal thread
*No cut-cornor

Pfister shower stem and nipple - fine thread condition

No sharp edges
*Smooth face to prolong life of the sealed rubber washer 
Price pfister brass seat
Q1:   What are included in your Verve handle shower trim kits?
A:   Our shower trim kits include 3 handles, 3 escutchen flange, 3 nipples, 3 stems and 3 seats. See the drawing below.

Find the details of each part as below. 

-Complete set

Complete set 
Product 3 handle shower trim kits
Item No 07A-016
OEM reference no. S10-230
Brand For Price Pfister
Style Verve series
Application To rebuild Pfister tub and shower valve
Function Replace the old stem or seat which causes the leaking problem
Content Handle *3pcs (Hot, Cold, Diverter)
Stem *3pcs (Hot, Cold, Diverter)
Escutcheon *3pcs
Nipple *3pcs
Seat *3pcs
Pfister verve 3 handle set
Material Zinc handle
Brass stem
Zinc escutcheon
Polypropylene thread nipple
Brass faucet seat
Finish Chrome plated handle
Raw brass color stem
Chrome plated escutcheon
Raw polypropylene color nipple
Raw brass color faucet seat
Lead Free No
Package Plain box, color box, clamshell
Pfister shower trim kit package

Part Handle
Item No. 14-027LH
OEM reference no. 940-510A
941-330 (Hot index button)
941-320 (Cold index button)
941-340 (Diverter index button)
Brand Fits Price Pfister
Application Installed on the Pfister stem
Material Zinc
Finish Chrome plated
Broach 12 point short broach
Pfister broach
Content Handle with hot index button*1pc
Handle with cold index button*1pc
Handle with diverter index button*1pc
Each handle with steel screw
*Clear plastic index button
Pfister verve 3 handles-940-510A-Are Sheng
Height 2-3/16” (55.5mm)
Pfister handle with dimension-Are Sheng


Part Stem
Item No. 15-PP01 (diverter stem)
15-PP02 (hot/cold stem)
OEM reference no. 910-385 (diverter stem)
910-347 (hot/cold stem)
Brand Fits Price Pfister
Application Installed on the shower valve#01-31XA
Pfister stem to main body
Material Brass
Finish Raw brass color
Broach 12 point
Pfister stem broach 12pt-Are Sheng
Content Diverter stem *1pc
Hot/Cold stem *2pcs
With white plastic washers
Length 5-1/2” (140mm)
Pfister stem with dimension - Are Sheng
Remark Counterclockwise open Clockwise close
Pfister spline 12pt- Are Sheng

Part Thread Nipple/ Flange nipple
Item No. 25A-017
OEM reference no. 972-110
Brand Fits Price Pfister
Application To connect the stem and the escutcheon
3D drawing of Pfister kits
Material Polypropylene (plastic P.P.)
Finish White ( Raw P.P. color)
Content Plastic thread nipple *3pcs
Thread 5/8”-18T
Dimension 5/8” OD x 2-3/4” Length
Dimension of Pfister shower set nipple- Are Sheng

Part Escutcheon / flanged sleeve
Item No. 25-016
OEM reference no. 960-110
Brand Fits Price Pfister
Application Installed on the thread nipple
Material Zinc
Finish Chrome plated
Content Escutcheon *3pcs
Pfister escutcheon-960-110-Are Sheng
Thread 5/8”-18T
Pfister flange with dimension-Are Sheng
Height 2-1/4” (56.5mm)
Bottom Dimension OD: 2-3/4” (69mm)
Thickness About 1.2mm

Part Faucet valve seat
Item No. 04-015BG
OEM reference no. 970-500
Brand Fits Price Pfister
Application To be settled on the valve body
Price Pfister seat on valve
Material Brass
Finish Raw brass color
Content Brass faucet seat *3pcs
Pfister faucet seat-Are Sheng
Thread 21/32”-18T
Height 3/8” (about 9.6mm)
Pfister seat drawing

1set packed in a white box 

10 sets/ 0.9cufts/ 10.7kgs/11.7kgs

We also provide other packages such as printed box, printed bag, and clamshell.

Pfister shower replacement set- labePackage of Pfister shower set

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