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Part No. #D61-002
Part No. D61-002

Product name: Fits Gerber shower rebuild kits -3 handle traditional model

Application: To rebuild Gerber tub and shower valve

Function: Replace the old stem which causes leaking problem

Content: 3 handles, 3 stems, 3 escutcheons, 3 sleeves, 3 brass seats

Finish: Chrome

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Product 3 handle shower trim kits
Item No D61-002
Brand Fits Gerber
Style Traditional
Application To rebuild Gerber tub and shower valve
Function Replace the old stem or seat which causes the leaking problem
Content Handle *3pcs (Hot, Cold, Diverter)
Stem *3pcs (w/ bonnet washers)
Sleeve *3pcs
Escutcheon *3pcs
Faucet Seat *3pcs

Material Zinc handles
Brass stems
Zinc escutcheons
Zinc sleeves
Brass faucet seats
Finish Chrome plated handle
Raw brass color stem
Chrome plated sleeve
Chrome plated escutcheon
Raw brass color faucet seat
Lead Free No
Package Plain box, color box, clamshell

Details of Parts

Part Handle
Item No. 14-021LH (Long broach -hot)
14-021LC (Long broach -cold)
14-021LD (Long broach -diverter)
14-021HS (Short broach -hot)
14-021CS (Short broach -cold)
14-021DS (Short broach -diverter)
Brand Fits Gerber
Application Installed on the Gerber stem (16pt)

Material Zinc
Finish Chrome plated
Broach 16 point long broach

Content Handle with hot index button*1pc
Handle with cold index button*1pc
Handle with diverter index button*1pc
Each handle with C.P. brass screw
*Clear plastic index button

Height 2-1/2” (Long broach)

2-1/2” (Short broach)

Part Stem
Item No. 15-GB01 (diverter stem)
15-GB02 (hot/cold stem)
Brand Fits Gerber
Application Installed on the Gerber shower valve
Material Brass
Finish Raw brass color
Broach 16pt.

Content Diverter stem *1pc
Hot/Cold stem *2pcs
With bonnet washers

Length Hot and Cold: 5-1/4”
Diverter: 5-3/4”

Remark Counterclockwise open
Clockwise close

Part Sleeve
Item No. 25A-024S
Brand Fits Gerber
Application Screw on the Gerber stem

Material Zinc
Finish Chrome plated
Content Sleeve *3pcs

Dimension OD: 1-1/8”
Short sleeve: 86mm for short broach handle
Long sleeve: 95mm for long broach handle

Thickness About 1 mm

Part Escutcheon/ flange
Item No. 25A-024E
Brand Fits Gerber
Application Decorative flange on wall

Material Zinc
Finish Chrome plated
Content Escutcheon *3pcs with screws

Dimension OD: 2-3/4” ID: 1-1/8” H: 1/2”

Part Faucet valve seat
Item No. B30-23
Brand Fits Gerber
Application To be settled on the valve body

Material Brass
Finish Raw brass color
Content Brass faucet seat *3pcs

Thread 5/8”-20T


Are Sheng is a professional plumbing products supplier. Our products are made in Taiwan with high quality and are mainly exported to the North America. We have almost 30 years’ experience in the plumbing field.

For this 3 handle shower trim kits (Fits Gerber), we insist on high quality from its function to the appearance and even to the packages. During the production, we pay attention on each step to ensure the best quality to our customers.

For the function, we make sure that all the parts are compatible to each other. Besides, we will not cut corners to reduce the costs. The construction and thickness are well-designed to guarantee a long-term usage during normal circumstance for years. Further, we test our products well to avoid any leakage.

For the appearance, we carefully check if the surface is smooth without burs and sharp margin to ensure the quality of the electroplating. Before the package, we inspect each part to make sure that there is no scratch, bumps, dens or any other damage. The surface of our products is shinny. They look exquisite and make your life elegant.

Our standard package is one set in a white box with a sticker (product picture, item number, product name and quantity). Each chrome plated part is packed in bag to avoid scratch during the shipment.

We also provide other packages such as printed box, printed bag, and clamshell. We can make according to the artwork provided by the customers. Or if the clients need, we can design the artwork for them too.

I am Emma. For any further product details, welcome to email me at .

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