Drainage kits # 26-011HP - Are Sheng Plumbing Industry(26-011HP)

Part No. #26-011HP

Dishwasher Anti-Siphon Air Gap

– Heavy duty model

Part No. 26-011HP

Application: Installed on the sink counter (check the installation drawing )

Function: Back flow prevention from sink drain to dishwasher

Content: Air gap (with one cap) *1pc (check the picture for all parts)

Finish: Chrome or Satin Nickel

Dishwasher air gap features

Connect 5/8” hose at one end &
7/8” drain hose at the other end

Brass Cap
Polypropylene plastic body

Green body
Chrome or Satin Nickel cap


About 108g for Model A
About 116g for Model B

Dishwasher air gap made in Taiwan
Material of dishwasher air gap

* Provide two decorative caps for your choice.

1. Classical style decorative cap (Model A)
2. Modern style decorative cap (Model B)
(Please advise which cap you need. Each pc comes with a cap.)

*Two electroplating finishes

1. Mirror-like chrome finish

2. Artistic & classical brush nickel finish

* Heavy duty construction

1. Heavy duty polypropylene green body
2. Heavy duty brass decorative cap

Dimension of dishwasher air gap - made in Taiwan

Part Dimension
Cap (A) Top OD: 1-5/8”
Bottom OD: 1-11/16”
Height: 2-3/16”

Cap (B) Top OD: 1-5/8”
Bottom OD: 1-7/8”
Height: 2-3/8”

Body Height: 8-1/4”
Body OD: 1-3/16”

Counter thread Length 1-7/8”
Connection (1) 5/8” drain hose from dishwasher
(2) 7/8” drain hose to disposal container or sink trap

Company introduction

Are Sheng is a professional plumbing product supplier in Taiwan. We provide various faucet repair parts, bathroom accessories and drainage kits. This heavy duty dishwasher air gap is one of our best sellers. The cover of the air gap is brass material. We provide two finishes. One is chrome, shining like a mirror. The other is brush nickel, giving you understated luxury feeling. The brass material decorative cap of this air gap makes your kitchen high class.
Dishwasher air gap decorative cover
The green body is installed under your sink. The material is polypropylene (one of a plastic). The thickness is thicker than the white economical one. (We also have an economical model #26-011PL dishwasher air gap, white body, plastic decorative cover.) The unit weight of this high quality dishwasher air gap is about 110g.
Heavy duty dishwasher air gap green bodyEconomical dishwasher air gap white body
Also, we provide two styles of the decorative cap for this dishwasher air gap. One is the traditional style cap (model A). The other has streamline edge, modern style design (model B). Model B cap is slightly bigger than model A. The height of model A decorative cap is about 2-3/16” (55.5mm), and the height of model B decorative cap is about 2-3/8” (60mm). All these two cap styles are available in chrome finish and satin nickel finish.
Dishwasher air gap model A dimension drawing  Dishwasher air gap model B dimension drawing

Dishwasher air gap decorative cover photo
Are Sheng also provides other related kitchen sink kits such as sink strainer, P-trap, pop-up drain, etc. For the products which you do not find on our website, you are welcome to send the product picture for us to quote.

Duo stainless steel strainer

Deep cup stainless steel strainer Plastic pop up drain photo Taiwan brass pop up drain

Installation Drawing

How to install this dishwasher air gap on your sink? Check here!!

How to install dishwasher air gap?

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We also provide many other drainage kits such as sink strainer, sink faucet, sink basket, water supply line...

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