1/2"FIP x M10 single lever faucet connector

Model No. 13A-022-12FM10
Category:Stainless steel braided connector
Tag:S.S. water supply line
Our AMER stainless steel flexible connector uses non-toxic PVC core, covered with multi-filament nylon fiber. Above the PVC core, it is a clear vinyl shell. At last, the appearance is braided with 304 stainless steel wires. We focus on each detail when assembling all the parts.
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Part No. 13A-022-12FM10

Product name: 304 Stainless steel braided modern mixing faucet water supply line 

Standard: 1/2" F.I.P. (female iron pipe) swivel x M10 (pitch 1.0)

Available lengths: 10" - 60" (common sizes: 12", 16", 20", 24")

Application: Connect with modern mixing faucet to angle valve

Faucet: M10 Pitch 1.0 (outlet)
Angle valve: 1/2" (inlet)

single lever faucet connector  

Function: Supplying hot or cold water for single lever mixing faucet 

Inner tube material: PVC tube or Santoprene tube

*Brass insert and brass nut 
*PVC inner tube coated with fiber for extra protection
*M10 brass fitting can be customized for different lengths

Item No. Outlet x Inlet x Length Package Carton
13A-022-12FM1012 1/2”FIP x M10 x 12” Bulk 200pcs/0.8cufts
13A-022-12FM1016 1/2”FIP x M10 x 16” Bulk 100pcs/0.9cufts
13A-022-12FM1020 1/2”FIP x M10 x 20” Bulk 200pcs/1.5cufts
13A-022-12FM1024 1/2”FIP x M10 x 24” Bulk 100pcs/1.1cufts
13A-022-12FM1036 1/2”FIP x M10 x 36” Bulk 100pcs/1.64cufts
MOQ: 200PCS/ each size
*Should be ordered in full cartons


- Wire: braided with stainless steel 304 wire (5 strings for a wire)

stainless steel wires

- Nut:
 1/2" FIP brass nut with brass insert 

brass nut for faucet hose

- Brass fitting: M10 thread

1. Choose chrome plated or raw brass color
2. Long or short type 
Modern mixing faucet connector

- Inner tube:

(A) White PVC tube with coated nylon fiber
for extra protection (more durable)

(B) Transparent PVC tube

(C) Santoprene tube (hot resistant)

drawing PVC inner tube of water supply line

Further product details

- Lead free or non-lead free upon your request

- Our lead free products comply to the SDWA in USA

*SDWA Lead free Standard: The wetted surface of any pipe, or plumbing fitting, or fixture intended to convey or dispense water for human consumption through drinking water or cooking meet a weighted average lead content of no more than 0.25%.

Product certificates AB1953, NSF61-9, CSA, CUPC

*Certificates stamped on the ferrule below the nut

CUPC marked on the sleeve

 Part No.   13A-022-12FM10 
 Product  Stainless steel modern mixing faucet connector

 Application  Connect with modern mixing faucet
Connect with modern mixing faucet
 Tubing material  PVC core/ Vinyl shell

 Wire Material  Stainless steel 304

 Inlet fitting  1/2”F.I.P. (female iron pipe)

 Outlet fitting  M10 Pitch 1.0 

 Length  10” – 72” upon your request
 Finish of Nut  Nickel plated for 1/2"FIP brass nut
 Chrome plated for M10 outlet
 Flexible  Yes
 Lead free  Available (meet California SDWA)
 Certificate  CUPC for lead free or Non-lead free
 NSF/AB1953 for lead free
 Temperature test  10°C – 20PSI lasts 5minutes
 10°C – 125PSI lasts 5minutes
 66°C – 20PSI lasts 5minutes
 66°C – 125PSI lasts 5minutes
 Endurance test  Temperature: 82°C
 Pressure increases from 75PSI to 180PSI
 7 times/minutes for 103 cycles
 Burst test  Temperature: 82°C
 250PSI lasts for 30 minutes without problem

Approval Mark
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