Toilet tank water connector 3/8 COMP to 7/8 BC

Model No. B28-23-38C78BC
Category:Polymer braided flexible connector
Tag:Polymer water supply line
This polymer water supply line is used to connect toilet fill valve and stop valve. It has a 3/8" Comp. inlet and a 7/8" B.C. outlet.

The nut is brass material on 3/8" Compression end. We have two choices for the 7/8" plastic nut - POM and Nylon 66. POM is more economical, but it is more brittle, while Nylon 66 is tough and more durable. Nylon 66 nut will not easily crack when tightened by wrench.
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Part No. B28-23-38C78BC

Product name: Polymer braided water supply line for toilet bowl

Standard: 3/8" Comp. x 7/8" B.C. (ballcock)

Available lengths: 10" - 60" (common sizes: 12", 16", 20", 24")

Application: Connect ballcock/fill valve (toilet tank) to angle valve
Ballcock/fill valve - 7/8" B.C.(outlet)
Angle valve - 3/8"COMP. (inlet)
Function: Supplying water to toilet tank / toilet bowl


- Wire: braided with Polymer wire (2 strings for a wire)

Polymer braided wire

- Nut:

1. 3/8" Comp. brass nut with brass insert

2. 7/8" Plastic nut (3 types for your choices)

A & B is POM material
C is Nylon 66 + fiber (strong and durable)

plastic nut for water supply line

- Inner tube:

(A) White PVC tube with coated nylon fiber
for extra protection (more durable)

(B) Transparent PVC tube

inner tube of toilet water supply line drawing
*Quality is in the details you cannot see. Are Sheng provides different choices for you. All upon your request.

 Part No.   B28-23-38C78BC 
 Product  Polymer flexible supply line
 Application  Toilet ballcock/ fill valve
fill valve - anti-siphon
 Tubing material  PVC core/ Vinyl shell
water connector - tube material
 Wire Material  Polymer
polymer wire
 Inlet fitting 3/8" Comp. brass nut (for angle valve)
water supply line-brass nut
 Outlet fitting  7/8” B.C. (for ballcock)
sturdy plastic nut for water connector
 Length  10” – 72” upon your request
 Finish of Nut  Nickel plated for 1/2"FIP brass nut
 Plain color of plastic for 7/8" nut
 Flexible  Yes
 Lead free  No
 Certificate  CUPC 

Item No. Outlet x Inlet x Length Package Carton
B28-23-38C78BC12 3/8"COMP.x 7/8"BC x 12” Bulk 200pcs/0.8cufts
B28-23-38C78BC16 3/8"COMP. x 7/8"BC x 16” Bulk 100pcs/0.9cufts
B28-23-38C78BC20 3/8"COMP. x 7/8"BC x 20” Bulk 200pcs/1.5cufts
B28-23-38C78BC24 3/8"COMP. x 7/8"BC x 24” Bulk 100pcs/1.1cufts
B28-23-38C78BC36 3/8"COMP. x 7/8"BC x 36” Bulk 100pcs/1.64cufts
MOQ: 200PCS/ each size
*Should be ordered in full cartons

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