Stainless steel Duo cup Sink strainer(D78-005)

Part No. #D78-005

Duo Deep Cup Kitchen Sink Strainer- Ball post – Stainless Steel 430

kitchen sink strainer in stainless steel

Part No. D78-005

Application: Installed on the kitchen sink as a strainer

Function: Filter the waste to avoid clog in drain hose and works as a part of the kitchen drain system

Content: Complete unit (as picture above)

Material: Stainless steel (SUS430 grade)

Finish: Polished Stainless steel


AMER’s DEEP CUP SINK STRAINER is made of durable and corrosion-resistant stainless steel (430 grade). This kitchen sink strainer has a duo cup design for easy installation. It can fit 3-1/2” to 4” diameter kitchen sink drain openings. Besides, its longer 1-1/2” NPSM threaded shank can fit thicker sinks such as porcelain sink, cast iron sink, composite sink, copper sink and other thicker sink in different materials. (For the dimension of this Deep Double Cup Strainer, check here)

Each unit of our DUO DEEP CUP STRAINER contains a spring ball post, a stainless steel upper basket, a rubber stopper, an interior basket, a threaded connection tube (shank), an O-ring, an interior cup, a rubber gasket, a piece of paper washer, a galvanized steel bottom cup, a brass lock nut, a PE flange, and a brass connection nut. (Check the content drawing here)

The ball post design makes it easy for users to pick and clean the upper basket, and it’s quick and easy to put it back with a single push. The upper basket can be used as a filter or plug due to the rubber stopper beneath. There is an interior basket in the cup with bigger hole. It functions as a filter to avoid the wastes flowing into the drain hose to cause clog. We use brass lock nut and brass connection nut to lock the parts tightly into place. All sharp edges are removed to ensure safety during installation. (For the installation procedure, please check the installation instruction here.)
*Durable stainless steel 430 construction

*Double cup design for easy installation

*Ball lock basket for a simple push/ pull operation and locks tightly into place

*Rubber stopper beneath the basket to function as a plug 

*Exquisite polished stainless steel finish 

*48.5 deep cup design for thicker sinks (Porcelain sink, cast iron sink, composite sink and copper sink up to 19/32” thickness) 

*1-3/4” Longer threaded Shank 

*Fits 3-1/2” to 4” dia. sink drain openings 

*Corrosion resistant material (SUS430 grade) 

*A complete unit includes (check here)

How to install this duo deep cup strainer? Check our blog here. 
Each piece packed in a white box 


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