Transition Union (SLIP X BRASS MIP)

Model No. G04
Category:Transition Union
Transition Union (SLIP X BRASS MIP)

It is used to transit hot water from metal female pipe threads to CPVC pipe. Allows plumbers to disassemble the piping system easily. 
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Part # Reference 
Size Unit Weight
G04-12 53374Z 1/2” 84g
G04-34 53376Z 3/4” 108g
G04-1234 53037Z 1/2”x3/4” 78g

Transition Union (SLIP X BRASS MIP)
* Lead free brass
* CPVC component
* For domestic water distribution system
* Allows easy disassembly of pipe system
* Solvent weld joint on CPVC pipe
* Thread connection on metal pipe
Part # Size Package
G04-12 1/2” 160PCS/CTN/12.5/13.5KGS/0.43CUFTS
G04-34 3/4” 160PCS/CTN/17.4/18.4KGS/0.7CUFTS
G04-1234 1/2”x3/4” 130PCS/CTN/15/16KGS/0.6CUFTS
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