4 inch backsplash wall mount faucet, brass /lead free material, two metal handles(082-04)

Part No. #082-04
- Solid brass material, available with lead-free brass
- 6” U-type or 5-1/2” gooseneck swivel spout, other size spouts are available.
- Double handles with cold and hot indicator
- Fine chrome finish
- 4” center distance, backsplash type
- Mounting gasket included 
- Available in white box or color box
- With 6" U-type spout: 12PCS/CTN/25.12KGS/26.12KGS/2.34CUFTS
- With 5-1/2" gooseneck spout: 12PCS/CTN/14.3KGS/15.3KGS/2.1CUFTS  
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