Universal TPV rubber drain plug - Mushroom style(A41-001)

Part No. #A41-001
Part No. : A41-001

Product Name: Universal TPV rubber drain plug - Mushroom style

Available size: 1-1/2" and 1-1/4"

Function: To fulfill the water for your tub drain, sink and basin

Apply on 1-1/2" tub drain and sink strainer or 1-1/4" PO/CO plug

Finish: Raw TPV material color


The most simple and quick installation kit to seal your tub drain, basin and sink.

Just put it on your tub drain. No need for any other tools.

With a single press to open and a slight touch to close it.

The Santoprene TPV material is soft and flexible.

The heat resistance of TPV can be over 100゚C (212゚F). Maximum up to 150゚C (300゚F)

The characteristic of TPV is stable and sustainable.

There is a plastic filter at the bottom to catch the hair or wastes.

What's more, it is much cheaper than silicon!

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Part No. A41-01
Product Name Universal mushroom TPV drain plug
Size 1-1/4” ( cover from 32mm – 44mm)
1-1/2” ( cover from 38mm – 57mm)
Function Seal the drain to fill up water
Application Apply on 1-1/2” tub drain
1-1/2” sink strainer
1-1/4” PO/CO plug
Material TPV (Santoprene)
TPV Characteristics Soft and flexible
Strong and durable
Stable and sustainable
Construction TPV cover and TPV basket
With plastic filter at bottom
Price Cheaper than Silicon*Send an inquiry to us!

Size/Dimension Big 1-1/2” Small 1-1/4”
E 38 31.8
D 63 48
H 21 20
H2 25 24
Drain Hole 38-57 32-44

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